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AGM Meeting minutes, 01312022 (via ZOOM)

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

The Edmonton Philippine International Centre

The Filipino Spirit Shines Through

Meeting minutes, 01312022 (AGM Meeting via ZOOM)

Attendance: Ida L., Jojo L., Kirk L., Pia L., Maissie H., Kerhl R., Virginia S., Celine M., Mary Ann K., Thomas A., Lorephil A., Cynthia P., Annie C., Edna G., Harlijk M., Marco L., Moses B., Lucenia O., Josephine P., Mila B., Nicky G., Lixmila S., Bayani A.

Call to Order: 6:35 PM

1. Call to Order – Territory Acknowledgement

2. Welcome

  • Introduction of each attendee.

  • MP Michael Cooper could not attend the meeting, but has provided a statement read by Chair Ida for the EPIC AGM (see HERE).

3. Board Report

Past 2021

  • Due to personal circumstances and government restrictions, we were not able to hold the normal fundraisers and events that EPIC hoped to hold.

  • Launched #LetsMakeitEPIC campaign and a DonorBox was added to the website for individuals and organizations to make donations.

    • Can make either one-time donations or a monthly donation via credit card transactions.

    • A listing of all donations is listed on the website to acknowledge the donors and the amount that was provided (

    • A couple of corporate support were available in 2021. In fact, EPIC was considered for an Amazon corporate donation. A major drawback to EPIC’s eligibility is the inability to provide a tax deductible receipt, as we do not have charity status.

    • With grants and government support, because EPIC does not have charity status we were unable to apply for funding.

  • EPIC100 campaign was developed for 2022 year.

    • Aside from the accumulated funds since 2020, there’s a new running excel spreadsheet for 2022 for the EPIC100.

Goal for 2022

1. Continue the #LetsMakeit EPIC campaign to raise a total of $300K for the first phase of the project - to cover one year’s rent of a temporary space

2. Reach 10% of this goal above ($30K) in the first 100 days with the EPIC100 campaign.

  • Once we raise $30K, EPIC can apply for charity status.

  • Important for tax receipt

  • Can be a fiscal agent of fundraisers of nonprofit organizations that are connected to EPIC.

3. The work continues for fund development to incite donors and organization for funds, a concrete business plan to be developed for release, and communication plan to be created to increase engagement and members.

Ida acknowledged each of the board members as well as committee chairs and members within the committees that served for 2021.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer

  • Presented by Virginia Sumalinog – see HERE.

5. Discussion

  1. Recommendations for the New Board:

1. Achieve charitable status for EPIC

2. Possible simple sketches as to what the building may look like (for tangibility).

  • Vision and mission already in place, developed from the Community Engagement during the EPIC Launch (by the Business Plan Committee).

  • We have the information as to how to design the centre, but going into the third year of the pandemic, the Business Plan Committee realized that many activities need not be done in person, and that space within the centre may not be required. The plan will have to be revisited.

  • Province does have “Community Development Support” funding for organizations like us, but we need to come up with a plan prior to applying.

  • We have many ideas, but we need to sit down and determine what’s important for the group. Determine realistic goals for what we can achieve.

  • All operated on by volunteers – we do not have paid staff to be completely dedicated to the organization.

What is the importance of EPIC needing a charity status?

  • Most of the nonprofit organizations that support EPIC are too small to have charity status.

  • A tax deductible receipt is an incentive for donors, so it is very imperative for us to raise the money under the EPIC100 campaign.

Why do we not receive as much support from the business community?

  • Trust – are we wanting to open some enterprises which will bring in funds for EPIC as well as income for the owner of the enterprises?

  • We currently don’t have a solid strategy as to how to achieve this goal. The hope is for the young generation to work together with the older generation as the backbone.

  • Driving funds is not just about the business, but also having the connections within the community.

If EPIC already started 2 years ago, why are we not close to achieving this goal?

  • One of the challenges for the team was to determine what benefits we can offer members. There needs to be an incentive to attract donors and stakeholders.

    • We don’t have any discounts to offer yet, a name on a building, or anything that is tangible or physically visible.

    • EPIC is advertising a future promise that is harder to sell.

  • At this point, EPIC has been operating for a few years, and information about EPIC is very small. We still need to spread awareness of EPIC’s existence.

  • Why is there a disconnect between groups and generations? It’s not a question that cannot be answered by EPIC, but by the whole community itself.

Thoughts on the Future of EPIC

  • As the 3rd largest national group within Edmonton and a new generation of Filipinos residing in the area, there’s hope that we will be able to permanently support a centre operated by the next generation.

  • The project will hopefully be run by the young and new coming generation, but still supported by the older generation that started the initiative.

  • Somehow attract the younger generation to be part of the project. There is a generation gap between the older generation Filipinos and younger generation Filipinos who may not know much about their heritage.

6. Election

The following members have been elected:

  • Annie Chua-Frith

  • Celine Mopas

  • Harlijk Mirasol

  • Ida Lucila

  • Marco Luciano

  • Mila Bongco Philipzig

  • Pia Liberty

  • Virginia Sumalinog

7. Acknowledgements

Adjournment 8:00pm

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