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We have always encouraged the Filipino community to reach out with any questions and/or suggestions on EPIC's operations and now particularly, about our decision to cease operations at the former Celtic Hall location. We refrained from disclosing details in a formal statement out of respect for our former sub-landlord. But the details and conditions of the lease were thoroughly discussed in EPIC’s Annual General Meeting last February 2024. Recently, there has been inaccurate information circulating on the events that transpired. In response, we are providing more information to ensure the community has an accurate understanding of the circumstances leading to EPIC’s decision to leave the former Celtic Hall in favor of the Edmonton Intercultural Centre. 

The Edmonton Philippine International Centre (EPIC) was established to unite the Filipino community by offering spaces and opportunities for Filipino-Canadians to celebrate our culture within our province. The idea resonated within the Filipino community, inspiring the formation of a non-profit organization to bring this vision to life - a response to a community need expressed in various community engagement activities notably the February 2020 launch. The Filipino community was very much an integral part of the journey - from EPIC’s robust and growing membership and the array of civic, social and cultural events in the Centre.

In late 2022, EPIC was approached by Umbrella Kitchen, a sub-landlord of the property which included the former Celtic Hall. They envisioned opening a Philippine Village and sought to partner with EPIC as the non-profit arm of the building. To sustain EPIC, royalty from the other businesses in the building was pledged to EPIC. The partnership would have involved EPIC managing the Main Hall and programming, contingent upon several building and maintenance issues being resolved by the sub-landlord. Unfortunately, these conditions were not met. After several months of negotiation, both parties mutually agreed to terminate the contract.

This move marks a pivotal moment in EPIC's history, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities faced by the organization. The decision to leave the old location, a growing central hub for the Filipino community in Edmonton, was driven by the need for a more suitable and sustainable space that aligns with the evolving needs of the community. EPIC consulted lawyers, engineers, and property managers, making sure we are armed with information that would best guide us moving forward. This is good governance practice, protecting EPIC and its members from risk, i.e. financial and safety liabilities. In this way, EPIC is simply performing its governance responsibility to its members.

EPIC acknowledges the deep sentimental value and historical significance of the first location to many community members. Efforts are being made to ensure a smooth transition and maintain continuity in the programs and services provided. The organization is committed to honoring its legacy while embracing the future with renewed energy and vision.

As EPIC embarks on this new journey, it remains steadfast in its mission to promote Filipino culture, support community cohesion, and empower individuals. As we have announced before, the move to the Edmonton Intercultural Centre, effective May 1, 2024, allows EPIC to focus more on delivering impactful projects and meaningful initiatives for the community. We are excited with the synergy and the possibilities of collaboration & interconnectedness with 12 other multicultural organizations in the building. EPIC will continue to find a place to fulfill the aspirations of the Filipino community to have its own physical and social hub.


Maharlika Mirasol II


Virginia Sumalinog                                                         Lito Velasco

Internal Vice President                                                  External Vice President

Oliver Rabara                                                                   Maria Cecilia Camba

Secretary                                                                          Treasurer

Rei Vincent Magtarayo                                                   Ariane Latade

Director                                                                            Director

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