In 2030, EPIC will own and operate its facility that will serve Filipino - Edmontonians, and shared with the larger Edmonton community and surrounding areas.

Short-Term Objective

In 2021, EPIC will manage a facility that will house Filipino organizations offering programs and services to Filipinos in Edmonton and surrounding areas.


The Filipino Spirit Shines Through

Over the last decade, the Filipino community in Edmonton and surrounding areas have seen a tremendous growth in numbers and diversity. Filipinos in the city have contributed to the economic vibrancy of the city through local businesses they have established in the city, recognition of Filipino art and culture, and most importantly their many talents and skills in the professional, not-for-profit and sports sector. The proliferation of Filipino organizations demonstrate their capacity for self-development and potential to participate in the civic life of the city. 

EPIC is an aspiration of Filipino-Canadians in Edmonton to share their culture and heritage with all Canadians and to be part of a robust intercultural city.