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Meeting minutes, 12292019

EPIC General Meeting Minutes

12/19/2019 at 5:30 p.m.

Location: River City Re/Max, Edmonton AB

This open invite planning meeting is to further discuss the various areas of the EPIC launch event and fundraiser to be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

General discussion:

  • Reviewed previous meetings with those in attendance; no amendments required.

  • Kehrl (Communications sub-committee) gave a review of social media and communications initiatives taken so far: website continues to be updated; Mike acknowledged as the graphics/ branding creator for all EPIC visual products.

  • Key messages for the launch will be provided by the Communications committee.

  • Ida will be presenting at the launch the vision and short term goals for EPIC projects.

  • The website will soon be updated with photos of the board and, on an ongoing basis, will also include recognition of sponsors, contributors and donors.

  • A resounding reminder to share, share and share EPIC announcements as widely as possible.

Sponsorships/vendor tables/silent auction:

  • Brian volunteered to work with Loida in this team

  • Lucenia will be canvassing for the non-for-profit table sponsors

  • Ida reported that the EPIC project was highly supported at the Philippine Business Society of Alberta (PBSA) Christmas event including a friendly push for silent auction items and door prizes (est. value: $1000)

  • Loida discussed the reciprocal benefits to sponsors and/ or silent auction donors e.g. exposure for their business name using “donated by cards”

  • Reminder that there are no tax receipts issued for donations

  • Kehrl will lead the sponsorship initiatives i.e. update and distribute the letter of support/ sponsorship for the launch; later in the project timeline, there will be initiatives for wider corporate and cross-organizational support

  • Protocol: when sending the sponsorship letters by email, cc the EPIC website, for tracking & to minimize duplications

  • Escaño Fine Art Photography will be donating for the silent auction


  • Jeanette confirmed that media initiatives e.g. news releases will be distributed the week of January 6

  • All levels of government are invited and encouraged to attend to find out more about EPIC

  • The emphasis for the launch is for the community

  • Politicians will be acknowledged and they are welcome to greet and mingle with attendees but no speeches

Site logistics:

  • Herald and PWAS are in charge of set up and clean up

  • Lucy confirms the availability of tables and chairs needed from Corpus Cristi hall

  • Deacon Gem Mella is the contact at the church hall

  • Ida confirmed that the event deposit has been paid; event insurance is also to be paid

  • February set-up as early as 9 a.m. Note: there is no electric power available per table

  • Reminder: $100 for table sponsor with one entry ticket included

  • Confirmation of 12 rectangle tables (8 ft x 30 inches) and 25 round tables

  • Sponsors will be responsible for their own table dressing/ set-up


  • Kehrl has set up Eventbrite to sell tickets online; 400 hard copy tickets are printed

  • Kehrl distributed print tickets to those who requested them

  • If possible, buy tickets to assist with volunteers for the launch event


  • The current focus is on event-based sponsorship at this point in time

  • Sponsorship tiers are being determined

  • Methods of payment available for supporters: Electronic transfer, cheque (non-profit)

  • Include email addresses of supporters

Door prizes:

  • Will need to include the donor name and/ or business for each prize

  • Tracking of the prizes will be coordinated by Mila

  • Information/emails about prizes are to be sent to the EPIC general email address so it can be tracked; can then be sent to Mila to manage items list

  • Thematic door prizes are encouraged e.g. health & wellness, gift cards, lottery/ scratch cards etc.

Food donations:

  • Kuya Allan’s Lechon will donate lechon

  • Food sponsors can provide their flyers/coupons or banners for the event to increase their visibility to guests

  • Bayani will oversee canvassing for food sponsors

  • Sweet will ensure the supplies i.e. utensils, plates, paper towels


  • Migrante volunteers will sell drinks at the concession


  • Performers: Saranay, Pinoy Roots, PWAS, Rianna, Chameleon Dance. Barangay is interested.

  • Launch video - the EPIC Vision - will be produced by Mike, Kehrl and Ida (who will also present)

  • Sweet will ensure that the audio/ visual equipment is managed

  • Ida still looking for hosts for the launch program

Site supplies:

  • Lucy will ensure the supply of garbage bags, gloves, etc for food service and then clean-up

Volunteer management:

  • Sweet and possibly Annie (to be asked) will oversee volunteers on the day of the launch

  • Please copy any volunteer information to the EPIC general email so it can be tracked

  • Volunteer sticker/ badges will be required - to be done by Michael

Registration/ welcome table:

  • Jeanette and volunteer to welcome guests, answer questions and enter tickets for the door prizes

  • Mike to look at the possibility of having EPIC t-shirts available as another form of revenue

  • Migrante has also volunteered to assist at registration

Photo wall:

  • Set-up near the entry/ welcome area

  • Encourage guests to take photos with the EPIC artwork to share on social media

  • Mila will donate the artwork for this self - serve area

Photos and video:

  • Photos and video of the launch highlights to be captured for documentation and future initiatives

  • Michael to gather volunteers for the photo and video documentation

Agenda/ community engagement

  • Lucenia will set-up a community engagement corner

  • Guests will be asked for feedback about the need for and envisioned programming in a Filipino centre for the community

Calendar of events:

  • One year list of fundraising initiatives should be made available for transparency

  • Organizations are encouraged to include EPIC fundraisers in their respective events

  • Calendar of events to be promoted at the launch

Others business:

  • Go Fund Me and/ or other crowdfunding options will be considered at a later time. In the meantime, utilize the Donate page in the EPIC website

Next meeting:

  • January 9, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Location: Korean Cultural Centre in downtown, 9636 105A Avenue

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