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Meeting Minutes, 02102019


10 February 2019

Rm. 213, U of A Education Building

In Attendance:

Aleiondro Isla, Saranay

Annie Chua-Firth, PBAA / VisMin / PBSA

Artie Atienza, Koro Filipino

Dazz Fajardo, CEFA

Dhon Mojica, Migrante Alberta

Grace Alarcon-Isla, Saranay

Gregie Flores, Migrante Alberta

Herald Casaña, Phil. Warrior Arts Society

Ida Beltran-Lucila, Philippine Arts Council

Jojo Lucila, Philippine Arts Council & The Lucila Project

Josephine Pallard, Filipino-Canadian Saranay Association

Lito Velasco, Alberta Filipino Journal

Loida Lumanlan

Manny Bautista

Maria Cecilia “Sweet” Camba, Saranay

Marilda Kane, CEFA & FSSS

Miguel Vicente Jr., FilCan Riders

Mila Phillipzig, PHIDEAS

Myra Sumague, UPAAE

Nicky Gocuan, PMAA

Rolan Latorre, Himig Pinoy

Tony Surtida, CEFA

I. Welcome/Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.

III. Background on Initiative

  • In a consultation with a group from the Filipino community last January 26, 2019, Minister Amarjeet Sohi committed to help in the establishment of a Philippine Centre in Edmonton. This meeting was convened to gather collective ideas in the establishment of a Philippine centre that is reflective of the vision and needs of the community.

  • Past experiences and previous proposals for a Philippine Centre were discussed, with the hope that this time around, interest and work will not wane.

IV. Determination of Need

  • Why do we need a centre? Is there an existing location that can work?

  • Unanimous vote on the need for a Philippine centre.

  • Organizations who have venues/offices can keep their respective spaces. The Philippine Centre will be open to everyone.

  • Possible locations: closed schools; shared space with other cultural groups; community leagues/halls

V. Working Title


  • Philippine Centre of Edmonton

  • Edmonton Philippine International Centre (EPIC)

  • Sentro Pilipinas of Edmonton

  • Bulwagang Pilipinas ng Edmonton

  • Bahay Nayon Alberta

  • Other suggestions on names can be submitted to Ida, up to end of day Monday, February 11.

VI. Activities envisioned for Centre. What are we trying to build?

  • Activities on: arts and culture; education and professional development; community capacity building; business lease

  • Facilities: meeting rooms; offices; classrooms; parking; black box space for performances, workshops, art gallery/display; space for social gatherings; library or resource centre

VII. How will we build/establish the Centre?

  • Create a survey to assess need and viability. This will give an idea also on how much are organizations currently paying for their respective spaces. Objective of a minimum of 50 responses for the survey, to make it valid.

  • Cost of rent can be divided among the organizations.

  • Can start small then gradually expand the space.

VIII. Governance Model. How will it be operated, managed and funded?

  • Business model

  • Non-profit, with objective of financial sustainability

  • To create a Board of Governance (with representation from the different organizations/stakeholders), and have a third-party Management/Operations Team, who will be hired (not voluntary) and be accountable to the Board.

  • Stakeholders can be both organizations and individuals

IX. Suggested Locations

  • Closed schools. Ida to check on Edmonton Public Schools. Will need someone to check with Catholic schools.

  • Community leagues/halls

  • Privately owned properties

X. Next Steps

  • Mila and Grace to create the survey, to be sent out by everyone to their respective networks

  • Research on other models for cultural/community centres

  • Sub-group to meet on the business plan/proposal: Ida, Mila, Grace, Tita Josie, Loida, Annie, Tony, Lito

  • A meeting will be called for the bigger group to present the business plan/proposal

  • Manny motioned for the registration of the Philippine Centre. Seconded by Mila and Lito. Unanimous vote to have it registered.

  • Ida to do the NUANS Search and registration. Mila will do the By-laws, or use the generic template.

  • Board for incorporation will consist of: Ida, Loida, Josie, Lito and Tony.

  • Loida gave $100 and Manny $40, to cover the cost of registration.

XI. Adjournment

After a message of appreciation to Migrante Alberta for securing a venue for the meeting, to Annie Chua for bringing sandwiches, to Loida Lumanlan for the pan de pao, to Manny Bautista for the siomai, to Ida Beltran-Lucila for the beverages, the meeting was adjourned.

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