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Meeting minutes, 01302021 (AGM via ZOOM)

We are looking for our 11th Member of the EPIC Board of Directors.

If you're interested - please send us an email at

Meeting Minutes - 01302021 - EPIC Alberta Initiative AGM Attendance: Ida L, Kehrl R, Giselle G, Harlijk M, Maria G, Lucenia O, Lito V, Mila P, Irvin B, Herald C, Celine M, Angie R, Michelle L, Mary K, Annie C, Mike P Call to Order: 3:10 PM I. Welcome II. President's Report

  • A look back after a year since the EPIC Alberta Initiative was launched on February 1, 2020 at the Corpus Christi Church

  • Outstanding launch, good engagement, and raised public awareness - government officials attended, good media coverage

  • $4,000 was raised in a single event from ticket sales and other activities during the launch.

  • In March, restrictions due to COVID started and we had to postpone aggressive next steps.

  • In June, we had campaigned for the Philippine Heritage Month: the PHM Vehicle Train, Profile Frames, and the PHM Celebration Video.

  • Sundance College sponsored the June events.

  • Some good traction to start, however, we gave way to individual circumstances in the time of the pandemic.

  • We initiated the EPIC Alberta Committees and recruited more members.

  • There were other activities like the Financial Literacy Seminar, movie-showing (When the Storm Comes), partnerships with UPAAE and PAC in the last year.

  • Special Mention to the Communications Committee and the Business Planning Committee for their significant contributions.

III. Discussion on Challenges and Engagement

  • We carry on in 2021, with the realities of the pandemic still present.

  • There are challenges in fundraising in tough times - we will have to revert to raising awareness, and fundraising will be secondary.

  • Ideas shared by the attendees:

    • Explore the video gaming industry - everyone loves video games and there is a robust community in Edmonton. There are game streamers who may be able to promote and raise funds from EPIC.

    • Broaden the audience to the new generation - there's a lot of young Filipino Canadians who are looking to engage and participate in events, they are just not aware of the different avenues.

    • Anyone who has projects can tap EPIC for additional support while promoting the initiative. Think that there is a "center" though there's no physical space yet. Mobilize while ahead.

    • If we want to sustain it - need to foster the vision and mission. Remind people what is the scope of the initiative. What are the key messages and which stakeholders must be targeted?

    • Tap the Filipino Stores, Seafood City, etc - provide donation boxes, have a poster - this helps to reach the Filipinos who may not be active in social media. How about one-dollar-donations from the 100,000+ Filipinos?

    • "What is unknown is not desired" - Communities are supportive, even the non-Filipino communities. Create partnerships.

    • Visit communities, attend events and represent kababayans.

    • Membership cards - offer discounts to partner establishments, travel agencies

    • Do online learning - tie-up with schools, do referrals. Create win-win partnerships.

    • Add a taskforce to observe grants and funding opportunities - listen to legislations, as fewer grants may be available this year than anticipated.

    • Emerging mental health issues, offer mentoring, support Filipinos who are struggling --- already being done by TAYO YEG, there is an ongoing partnership through Nicole N.

    • 50/50 Raffles, Volunteer Days

    • Once the new board is established, focus on brand awareness - there still are many avenues left untapped - plan ahead. Strengthen where we're at.

    • Movie nights where part of the sales will go to EPIC.

    • Diversity through scholarships through a partner corporation

    • For Communications - recruit more members as this has the biggest work at this time.

  • As a backgrounder, the Business Case committee that we are estimating 5M dollars as the requirement to establish the facility based on the current plans.

IV. Election of Officers

  • There may still be interest from people who are not in the meeting to be part of the board of directors.

  • It was agreed by the body to have the interim board continue their term (standard two years), and have a good transition where only a few slots will be elected while the others will stay.

  • There will not be a time where the board is a completely new set of volunteers.

  • Board of Directors:

    • Confirmed to continue their term: Ida Lucila, Mila Philipzig, Herald Casana, Bayani Alcantara (VP), Marco Luciano

    • Leaving the Board: Brian Piccolo, Jeanette Dotimas

    • Newly-elected members of the board: Celine Mopas, Mike Parillas, Angie Rosete, Harlijk Mirasol, Michelle Lucena

  • We are looking for another member of the board of directors to make the total number an odd number (11).

  • The new board will establish its posts in a separate meeting in February 2021.

  • Proper communications and resolutions will be prepared.

V. Other matters

  • New volunteers were asked to think of the committee they would like to join, link to the google form shared - also available on the website

  • All attendees were thanked for their participation in the meeting - lots of great ideas.

Meeting ended: 4:55 PM

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