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Calling all Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart!


Join us on Sunday, June 14, 2020 as we celebrate the Philippine Heritage Month loud and proud in a vehicle parade. Decorate your vehicle, participate, and cheer for our hometown!


Sign-up below so we could send updates and instructions closer to the date! 

This also helps us estimate the number of vehicles joining.

There are two routes to choose from.

We would like to ensure everyone's safety. Please view the PHM Vehicle Train Guidelines.

June 14, 2020, Sunday:

       South Edmonton Vehicle Train (Location 1): 

          Starting Point / Meeting Place: Mill Woods Town Centre Parking Lot (South West Parking area)

          End Point: Corpus Christi Parish Hall

          Vehicle Train leaves at 8:00 AM

     West Edmonton Vehicle Train (Location 2):

          Starting Point / Meeting Place: Jamie Platz YMCA Parking Lot (near Callingwood Park)

          End Point: back to Jamie Platz YMCA

          Vehicle Train leaves at 9:30 AM

See the route in the map attached in the bottom of this page.


We continue to follow the province's guidelines in social distancing. Even if we will all be in our vehicles, please #stayathome if you are feeling unwell.


Watch the parade LIVE through our social media accounts. Thank you for your cooperation.

This event is also brought to you by Sundance College.

Visit their website:

Register for the PHM Vehicle Train!
Receive updates and instructions - help us estimate our vehicle count!
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