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Comms Meeting Minutes, 02272021 (via ZOOM)

Attendance: Ida L, Harlijk M, Mike P, Kerhl R, Mila P, Celine M, Angie R,

Call to Order: 4:00 PM

I. Virtual Interview – Lead = Mike P

- Mike will put together a brief on the Virtual Interview Project.

- Platform: StreamYard

  • Just send a link to the interviewees and they don’t have to download it.

  • Free version, but to have more $25.00/month and 10 participants, and branding.

- We will invite individuals who represent their respective groups.

  • Start with the people who were at the launch.

  • Book a time for their time to talk.

  • Pre-made questions will be given ahead of time.

  • Practice / rehearse ahead of time. Tech run also needed.

  • Ask for any video clips, photos, etc from their organization.

  • They can promote any of social media handles or websites.

  • During the interview, tie into how EPIC can support them and talk a bit about EPIC’s plans or goals that relate to the interview.

- Interviews should be a maximum of 15 minutes long.

- 3 co-hosts that are coming from different backgrounds.

  • Possibly someone who knows the interviewee, and someone who completely doesn’t know.

  • Possibly someone who knows Tagalog, one who does not but can still engage.

- Have it recorded for Mike to edit later (make it more appealing in the final post).

- To be posted on YouTube once edited.

- For branding, we will need to “choose” ambassadors for EPIC who can be the face of the organization.

- First interview = EPIC itself?

- Videos are to be released on a bi-weekly basis to retain attention.

- Start date = Mid-March

- Communications team to reach out to their contacts to see if anyone is interested in participating.

II. Philippine Heritage Month Finale Event – Lead = Harlijk and Ida

- Plan for June 27th (June 26th was taken).

- Video performances can be created ahead of the release date.

- We can “livestream”, but we will pre-set pre-recorded videos.

- A storyboard will need to be created in order to determine the flow of the event.

- 12-hour event, but a schedule will be released ahead of time so that viewers know when performances are occurring.

  • Performances

  • Live game (for audience interaction)

  • Specific segment for children (eg. Learn a craft, storytelling)

  • Promotions

- Editing in Premiere Pro by Ida and Mike

III. Vehicle Train – Lead = Kehrl

- June 5th

- Last year, organizing was easy but managing restrictions was difficult.

- Plan as if the same restrictions are in place as last year.

- 1 month before to promote (registration was quick after announcement)

  • Shooting for 50 cars

  • We should follow the 1 route

- To sell EPIC masks, it would be roughly $10 - $15 each.

- Use the same materials last year, but update the illustration (Mike)

IV. Loonie a Month

- Still need a tagline for this campaign.

- Donors do not have to just pay $1.00 a month. They can donate $12.00 for the year or more.

- Have to word it in a way that lets donors know they are making an investment.

V. EPIC’s Social Media

- Releases social media in a timely manner using Hootsuite.

- Currently EPIC has a Facebook and Instagram account.

- A YouTube page will be made to house our interviews in the future (Kehrl)

- Hashtags can be created by EPIC to be used by our organization and by other groups who want to promote us as well (Kehrl)

- Messaging:

  • Current tagline: The Filipino Spirit Shines Within

  • Sense of home or community and belonging

  • Wanting to bring the Philippines to Edmonton for those who miss home

  • “EPIC ka ba?”, “EPIC ako!”

Meeting Adjourned: 5:18pm

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