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03262022 Meeting Minutes

EPIC Meeting on Strategic Plan

March 26, 2022

Rm. 296, The Orange Hub

Meeting Minutes


Abel Cereno Anabelle Clarin Anna Sarmiento

Arnold Fenix Cynthia Palmaria Giselle General

Harlijk Mirasol Ida Lucila Joel Gualberto

Jojo Lucila Kirk Lim Lito Velasco

Lorena Fenix Lucenia Ortiz Michelle Lucena

Mila Bongco Philipzig Nora Ragadio Veronica Amangyen

I. Welcome/Land Acknowledgment/Introductions/Announcements

  • Reminder on the EPIC fundraiser with the Oilers Entertainment Group - April 29, Oilers vs Canucks. Use the link to get special discounted rates. First 50 buyers get a free tour of the Hall of Fame. Oilers Entertainment Group to donate a portion of ticket sales to EPIC.

II. Overview of the EPIC Strategic Plan

  • 3-5 years for planning and development

  • derived from community consultation during the EPIC Launch in February 2020

III. Vision, Mission and EPIC Concepts

  • long-term plan of 8 years to have our “own building”, and short-term plan

    • Gathering place, tambayan

    • Meeting rooms, office spaces

    • Learning together

    • Common Hub for awareness and promotion; range of programs and services for Filipino community

  • Building or refurbishing – need $5-8M which cannot be achieved with just fundraisers; need government grants and corporate sponsorships

  • Advice for EPIC board from feedback board

    • Should belong to us and benefit us (Filipino community)

    • We want to feel a sense of belonging, safety, Tahanan

    • Enrich Edmonton – not in isolation from the city

IV. Strategic Objectives and Core Priorities

  • engage the community for programmes

    • language school

    • culture and history

    • community and lifelong, life skills learning esp. for Filipino newcomers

    • performing arts

    • outreach program – e.g. partner with Mennonite Center, Catholics Social Services

    • celebration events

  • programs will very likely be volunteer-run for the first year, until such point that the programs are self-sustaining and will have funds to pay resource persons

  • however, may need professional consult and resource persons for activities related to Fund Development and Business Plan

  • create more awareness re EPIC

  • Fund Development Plan for a permanent place

    • E.g 3-year plan – how to tap financial sources, donations, facility development grants –

    • obtain charity status for tax receipts - requires revenue of $25,000 in one fiscal year and history of programming, to be eligible

V. Decisions and Commitments

  • Unanimous vote to approve the Strategic Plan 2022-2025, with wording changes:

    • In the Vision, change in Filipino - Edmontonians, to Filipino - Canadians - “In 2030, EPIC will own and operate a facility that will serve Filipino-Canadians, and be shared with the larger Edmonton community and surrounding areas.”

    • in the Mission to include Albertans - “To build a home for Filipinos in Edmonton to come together, build community, share resources and celebrate their culture with Edmontonians and Albertans.”

  • Core Priority #1 - Temporary Space

    • initially, it would be ideal to have a constant space for planned programs, preferably with low cost, if not free.

    • option: The Orange Hub, ℅ Migrante Alberta

    • volunteers:

      • Michelle

      • Jojo (for temporary studio)

      • Cynthia (The Orange Hub, ℅ Migrante)

      • Nora

      • Joel

  • Core Priority #2 - Programs and Initiatives

    • volunteers and programs:

      • Michelle

      • Annabelle - activities like their Filipino Moms group, photography

      • Anakbayan - self-defense

      • Giselle - monthly workshops on healing, mental wellness; guidance and resources for political elections/political school; outreach ℅ non-profit organizations, i.e. resource fairs, rotating visits to senior centres, connecting with community leagues

      • Jojo - dance classes

      • Lorena - workshops on financial literacy

      • Harlijk - workshops on pageant preparation, and mini fashion shows; EPIC ambassadors; regular training; support people who are interested in pageants

      • Nora

      • Joel

      • Mila - Painting in the Park in the summer; Parol Making for Christmas

      • Kirk

  • Core Priority #3 - Communications, Engagement and Promotion

    • How are we being visible?

    • use online influencers, plug promotions, e.g. game-a-thon

    • include video games & gamers in promotion

    • upcoming events:

      • Filipino Fiesta in June

      • Heritage Festival in August (through Lito & COPA)

    • volunteers:

      • Michelle

      • Lito - promotion of activities via the Alberta Filipino Journal

      • Annabelle

      • Giselle - will help with content, with focus on accessibility & inclusivity, i.e. subtitles in Filipino, dialects

      • Kirk

  • Core Priority #4 - Fund Development

    • continuous donation tin/box in stores/restaurants/events/parties

    • raffle - connect with travel agencies for trip for 2 to the Philippines; Lito has AGLC connection

    • 50/50 in events - share proceeds with host organization

    • volunteers:

      • Michelle

      • Nora


Addendum C - Additional Commitments and Decisions (from EPIC Strategic Plan Feedback Form)

Core Priority #1 - Temporary Space

  • Volunteers:

    • Bayani Alcantara

    • Maria Cecilia Camba-Macalintal

Core Priority #2 - Programs and Initiatives

  • Volunteer: Maria Cecilia Camba-Macalintal

Core Priority #3 - Communications, Engagement and Promotion

  • Volunteer: Maria Cecilia Camba-Macalintal

Core Priority #4 - Fund Development

  • Volunteers:

    • Bayani Alcantara

    • Maria Cecilia Camba-Macalintal

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