Calling all Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart!


How will you celebrate the Philippine Heritage Month in June? 

We're creating a video montage --- let us know your creative ways to #celebratePHM even when we are apart! 

Show your PINOY pride as we stand proud and pass on the Filipino Spirit that shines through.


See the instructions below. Submit your videos on the EPICalberta website by the end of the day on May 31, 2020 (Sunday). #supportEPIC #EPICalberta #epicPINOYspirit 


1. Using your filming device (camera, cellphone, etc), make sure you are filming in landscape mode (horizontal position).

2. Pick your prop/s that will help you answer the question "How will you celebrate being a Filipino, during Philippine Heritage Month?". It can be a solo or a group video! Some suggestions for the props: the Philippine Flag, a barong Tagalog, a family photo from home, a Pinoy hat, etc - can be anything that can relate to your answer! Please refrain from using any material that includes any branding or an image of a personality / political figure. 

3. You can take your video "selfie-style", prop it on a table or counter, attach to a tripod, or ask someone to film you! 

4. Your "acting script" is like this: Act like someone is passing to you the item from your left side, take the item, show it in front of the camera, answer the question, and then pass the item to the right. Keep it short and simple (a simple phrase will do)! For example: say, "by supporting Filipino businesses!",

5. Keep your videos at a maximum of 10 seconds long. Make sure that it is also audible (minimal-to-nothing noise in the background).

6. We will compile all these videos, and the effect will look like we are passing our items from one person to the next! It will look amazing!

7. Submit your videos by June 27, 2020. Upload it on our website - www.EPICalberta.com.

Feel free to speak in any language or dialect! Be creative! :)

Please see the sample as a guide. Thank YOU for participating!

This campaign is also brought to you by Sundance College.

Visit their website: https://www.sundancecollege.com/

See sample video: 

PHM Sampler video
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